We are a leading international developer and publisher for mobile contents and wireless entertainment. The company distributes mobile contents for mobile phones using FlashLite, BREW or Symbian technology. Viitrio game engine provides entertainment applications and technologies that support multiple wireless handsets, servicing wireless carriers, aggregators, mobile phone manufacturers, media companies and content developers worldwide. Our games are currently distributed through several of partners in over 30 countries and this distribution network is still expanding rapidly.

We have developed an array of original mobile contents for wireless entertainment from simple flash lite screensaver to complex role playing games. Our team of engineers, developers and designers come around all the world are passionate about delivering the best wireless gaming experience through constant innovation and stringent quality assurance.

We are actively carrying out research and development of new technologies, quality visuals and creative game play to enhance the mobile gaming experience.

Our core focus is the development of interactive mobile contents. We have a variety of mobile contents ranging from simple flash lite screensaver to complex multiplayer role playing games.

We also publish wireless entertainment applications created by external developers. Our developers enjoy strong technical support from us including a suite of handset and software tools to code for BREW™, Flash Lite and other platforms. Our developers are also able to design games based on our game engine thus enabling their game to provide a rich and interactive gaming experience to the end consumers. With our extensive networks, developers are given access to various partners and wireless carriers in markets around the world.